author of the works, Cris Kaminski

author of the works, Cris Kaminski

For some time I have noticed my clients’ enormous desire to possess the “authentic pictures” instead of reproductions or just the empty walls, in all the projects that I have realized. The real estates, suites, houses or residences look far more beautiful and respectable when filled with ubiquitous art. If they fail to have the already finished pictures, then especially for my clients, Criss Kaminsky is willing to create such paintings that would reflect the individual character of the interior and its owner. The premises are spacious and carefully designed with the view to accommodating prospective objects of art. The final effect is always wonderful, arousing admiration and respect for the taste of the owner of the beautiful and at the same time, complete property. If the whole enterprise, including the purchase, building and the completion of the property can cost millions, then does the investment, as this is what we should call it, within the range of 30 to 100 thousand zlotys for the beautiful paintings or frescos, sound too expensive or too modest in your opinion? This issue is always an element of discussions and negotiations with the artist, yet in conclusion each party comes out satisfied. What is interesting, the picture taken off the wall even for a short while, leaves everyone with the feeling of terrible emptiness …. Still, this is something one has to experience himself.

I invite you to experience the art, spelled with capital “S” and meet the artist of great potential who may turn out to be one of your best investments.

Cris Kaminsky's works are gradually being disseminated into the world, attracting much interest not only among art connoisseurs, but also designers and architects. In Cris Kaminsky's art there is a place for paintings that are connected to architecture. They are in a way synchronized with the interior, creating spatial unity, like the tune of a refrain in an etude. Kaminsky also creates harmonious and dynamic works, which, just like the saxophone in a musical piece, as Kaminsky himself likes to say, can be a sublime mode, which functions as the core of such a unity and an accent and a “character” that draws our attention.

Kaminsky's paintings are created in agreement with an interior designer and with the Client, the owner of the designer's space, either in “minimal, countré or glamour style or in any other style conceived by the Client. Kaminsky's “artistic vision”, sense of aesthetics, style and quality may be visible. “To achieve harmony and coherence”, as the artist himself says, “as well as user's content and satisfaction”. The proximity to Client's personality is inspiring, has a creative course and heads for a creative  finalization, which is the “PAINTING”.

Even though closely integrated with the interior, decorative and impressive, paintings display breath taking artfulness enriched with an intellectual thought, as the author notices, which ensures a longer independent life of the painting and an unlimited number of interpretations.

Our artist is committed to pursuing his objective, with his whole heart and soul keeping close to the world of architecture and “designing paintings” to match the interior.

Fully concentrated on and captured by creation of “the sound of the colours” and by arrangement of harmony, he can create, or design, paintings in the style of a given interior, which may become a part of your beloved spaces and venues. We watch as “he is gliding” around ascending to higher levels of the world of art, gathering stronger and stronger “wind”, the wind of P r o- s p e r i t y.

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